Are You Waiting for the Next Word Press Update?

The last wordpress update 3.7 saw lots of new features being added. This included ones such as automatic updates which added functionality to wordpress without anything being seen. The next update is due out this month and is reported to focus on improving the user interface in the admin area. This means that there will be a ton of visual improvements. Here is a sneak peak at some of this features, some of which are available for test purposes only.

Once wordpress 3.8 is ready it will feature the MP6 Plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to give the admin panel a more modern and clean look. It allows you to select a color scheme by going to users – profile. Currently you only have a choice of two color schemes which make the admin panel look totally outdated.

The dashboard is going to be getting an uplift as well. The new dashboard will have fewer and more relevant widgets. These changes will leave the dashboard area looking less bulky.

The live previews of themes will be improved and the theme search is being moved to the top right corner of the screen. It will be much easier for you to preview a new theme and it will work much faster than before.

Currently it is not always easy to move widgets around and get them to appear where you want them to. This area will become more user friendly and will allow theme developers to build multiple widget ready areas in their themes.

The new interface will make dragging widgets easier and will allow the user to get them into the right sidebar the first time. You can look forward to a much cleaner, clutter free and appealing widget area.

Of course the new default theme will be introduced – Twenty Fourteen. It will have a magazine style appearance and will allow you to feature content across your site. You can use this with or without featured images.

Users will have the ability to customize the featured content area and can choose between a grid or slider layout style. Simply add tags in the theme customizer to display your content. The theme will search for posts with these tags and display them automatically.

Some people who have seen the theme are not raving about it and it comes with a left aligned layout. The theme does seem to look a little crowded.

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