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Backlink Creator WordPress PluginThe only things more genious than modern day smartphones, are some of the applications (apps) made for them.

We tend to look at some of the modern handheld devices as the greatest advancements in technology and though that might be true to and extend, I believe nothing is more powerful than the ability to tap into people’s knowledge, experiences, and inspirations through apps, plugins, ebooks, etc.

Think about it. We now have the ability to tap into knowledge from every country in the world by clicking a few buttons. Oh and… we no longer need to find and hire a translator to do so.

It is absolutely ingenious.

This is similar to what happened when people started creating plugins for popular blog platforms like WordPress. We started seeing all kinds of super neat inventions and were able to do a lot of very cool things through them with the click of a few buttons.

Today, I think it is safe to say that there is probably a plugin for just about anything we can think of. It’s pretty cool!

My favorite invention to date has got to be this backlink plugin for WordPress blogs. As an SEO professional, it has saved me countless hours of hard work and has saved me a ton of money too.

Having said that, there are literally hundreds of thousands of other awesome plugins we can install and use on our blogs. That one is just one really good example 🙂

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