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Driving Traffic to your WordPress Site

Once your new blog is created your next step is to drive traffic to it. There are several ways to do this which we will cover in this article. Some will be the more traditional methods while others may be a new concept for you. It never hurts to try something new as it could bring unexpected results for you.

You probably have lots of great content on your blog that you can share in other places. Most people have heard about slide sharing and document sharing sites. These are something that you should be using and can be extremely effective.

In addition there are a few other places where you can share your articles and further information. Two that you may not be currently using are and Both of these are community based and have thousands of users who are active on a daily basis.

You could also set up a Tumblr blog in your related niche and add additional content to it. This will provide you with some solid backlinks back to your main site.

If you are already using graphics and images on your blog that’s fantastic news! But are you using photos that attract and hold the reader’s attention?  Try adding a variety of images and see if your traffic increases over the next few weeks or so.

While we are talking about images and visual aids don’t forget to take advantage of Pinterest. This is a huge community and works by allowing users to pin images to various boards. Plus you can repin items, share items and more. The advantage of repining images is that you get more exposure for your business.

One thing to be careful about with Pinterest is that you do not want to self promote all of the time. Instead spend time repining items that have something in common to your business or service that you are promoting. Each time you repin an item the person receives an email from Pinterest to notify them of it. This allows your name to be seen by more and more people.

On your blog you want to always have social sharing buttons along with a Pin button. It is helpful to place the Pin icon under an image so a reader can easily pin your image.

When pinning images to your boards you are allowed to use hashtags if applicable and a description. If you haven’t added this as a way to drive traffic to your site go and open up a Pinterest account today.

After sharing your image on Pinterest do the same thing on Instagram. Instagram has over 100 million monthly users so you could very easily tap into this wonderful traffic source with each of your images.

Google+ is increasing in popularity as well particularly when it comes to their Hangouts feature. This is where you can invite people to a video presentation. The nice feature about this is that you can record private sessions and once you are finished your video gets uploaded to YouTube. You can then place this onto your blog as additional content for your visitors.

Driving traffic to your blog can be done in many different ways. Try some of the above if you aren’t currently using them and just get creative in how you deliver your content.


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