Free or Premium WordPress Themes

Once you have a basic website up your next step with wordpress is to choose a theme and activate it. Now, while this sounds simple, it can be a big deal for many people. There are literally thousands of wordpress themes available, in different designs, colors and with more coming out almost daily it can be hard to choose which one to use.

Then on top of this you discover that there are paid or premium wordpress themes. Now you are really feeling bewildered and lost so what is the best way to go?

First let’s look at some basic parts of a wordpress theme:

  • Color – pretty much self explanatory
  • Columns/Sidebars – themes can have one, two or three columns along with no columns
  • Footer – allows space for contact info, banners
  • Header – allows you to add your own header to personalize your site
  • Plugins – this are additions to your site that allow you to display text and do certain functions in an easy manner

When it comes to premium themes one of the biggest advantages is that they will often come with support. This is great and is a good place to go to if you run into problems with your theme or using wordpress in general.

Premium themes can be priced fairly high though so keep this in mind. Many premium themes use something called a Child Theme, which is a base, and then can be combined with a different main theme. One of the popular themes that follow this premise is the Genesis Theme.

One thing to keep in mind today is that many people will be viewing your website from their mobile devices. It is possible to get Responsive Themes that can be viewed from a PC and on a mobile device. Obviously the easier you make it for people to see what you have to offer the more traffic you will see.

When deciding to go with a free or premium theme you should consider your budget and what you want to achieve with your site. For example if you are building a store type site then an e-commerce theme will be more suitable.

If you don’t currently have a main purpose for your site my best advice to you would be to go with a free theme. When you see what direction your website is going you can then make a final decision on what theme you want to use.

Another important consideration is to make sure that your theme is compatible with any plugins that you want to use. A good example would be a shopping cart plugin, there are often issues with certain themes, so test it out first. You may have the best looking theme but if it doesn’t work with your shopping cart then you won’t get the results you are looking for.

Take these points into consideration when choosing your next word press theme and don’t forget to remember to look for plugins that create backlinks as well. This can really help you get ahead in the traffic game.

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