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Getting Traffic to Your WordPress Site

Congratulations, you now have your own website or blog up and running! You sit back and relax for a few days and then wonder why no-one is joining your mailing list or buying your products. The simple answer is traffic! Many marketers think that if they build a site the traffic will automatically come. This is not true at all and while Google may index your site you need to put in effort to get visitors to see what you have to offer.

There are some simple ways to can get traffic to your site and don’t forget that when you leave comments you create backlinks to your page. These links are extremely effective when left on other high traffic blogs or websites.

So let’s discuss some easy ways to get traffic:

  1. Write regular blog posts that are informative and engaging. Don’t always try to sell your reader something. Providing free information is the best way to increase your traffic and build yourself a brand name.
  2. Write about familiar topics and don’t be scared to include some personal stuff. It really helps your readers identify with you if you come across as human. You have a family and a live share some details with your readers. These can be short posts on where you spent your vacation or photos of your pets. This is the best way to make your reader want to return to your site.
  3. Subscribe to an online reader such as Feedcat or Feedly so you can keep up to date on all the news in your niche. This way when breaking news does happen you can be one of the first people to blog about it. Being on top of things will earn you respect from your followers and they will know where to turn for up to date information.
  4. Provide lists of free resources for your readers. By not always offering a paid product you are gaining the trust of your readers. People love lists of free products, resources or a compiled list of related blog posts and articles.
  5. Images and photos – people love to share images and sometimes it is easier to express your story with pictures instead of words. Having pictures on your blog will give your readers the chance to share your content on sites like Facebook and Pinterest.
  6. Answer your comments – while many of the comments you receive on your blog may be from people trying to link to you. Other comments will be worthwhile and informative ones. Always make sure you respond to these comments quickly. A good comment thread can turn into another blog post and is a great way to get a cross blog conversion going.
  7. Add fun and interesting articles to your blog. While it is great to be serious once in a while post something funny or entertaining. This way you can showcase your personality and become more real to your visitors.

Taking the time to write informative posts is extremely important. These posts can help you brand your name and your business and help you earn a reputation for yourself in your niche. Don’t forget to post comments on other people’s blogs as these will help attract new visitors and provide you with crucial backlinks.

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