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Top Backlink Creator WordPress Plugin

Auto WP Backlink PluginThe only thing better then automation tools is the easy money they allow you to make. It sounds like a catch 22 but hear me out and I will show you what I mean.

In a rush? Check out this cool backlink builder WP plugin!

When the internet first became popular, people were building their websites with complicated software and they had to build an entire site – one page at a time. Can you imagine how time consuming this was?

Then, blogs became popular. Especially WordPress (WP) blogs. People and businesses were switching over to using a blog platform instead of the old-school page by page websites. Blog’s were awesome because they were fairly easy to use and it was fairly easy to create new posts or pages.

Goodbye all the hard work of the past. Hello modernization 🙂

What was so great about this is that the blogging platforms started to get developed very quickly and since they were open source (most of them anyways), they were quickly becoming something everyone could use. All the way from big businesses, local farmers, and even 12 year olds all of a sudden ran an official blog.

That was not it though: People wanted their blogs to stand out. They wanted to be able to do things with their blogs that no one else was doing. Or, they wanted to automate things that everyone else was doing manually, like building sitemaps, doing on page search engine optimizing (SEO), etc.

This is when plugins became popular!

A plugin, for those of you that don’t know this, is a piece of software that you can attach to your blog and you can do cool things with it, depending on what the software was made to do.

This was revolutionary in every sense of the word. Bloggers were quickly able to automate complicated processes and have plugins do all the dirty work for them. Why do all the heavy lifting yourself if it can be automated?


There have got to be millions of plugins doing all kinds of different things, and though I would consider most of them useless (at least for what I would use them for), they have their purpose for those needing them.

One of the ones that I have come to love and really appreciate is a backlink creator wordpress plugin. Pretty much what it does is: it builds insanely powerful backlinks to any website I want it to and when I say “insanely powerful”, I mean every sense of the word.

Government sites and educational sites pass on an insane amount of credibility in the eyes of search engines so – having a plugin that builds backlinks on these on auto-pilot is a huge no-brainer.

In other words, being able to automate a process that most people find impossible to do manually, is pure genius. Not sure how they pulled it off but I will say – that is one hell of a plugin.

A long story short though, you really only need a few basic plugins. One of them is called “all in one SEO” and the other one I would highly recommend is the Samson Elite WP plugin.

Of course from there you can go and add whatever other ones you need for your blog – depending on what you want to get out of it – but the just mentioned 2 are plugins I would not build a site without.