Why I Buy & Use Premium WordPress Themes Instead of Free Ones

WordPress is the the most popular platform to build a website or blog with. Because it is so popular, there are a ton of different themes to choose from. Many free-WordPress-Themeof the most commonly used WordPress themes are free, which makes them a popular choice for those just starting out. But beyond them being free themes, they have left many sites looking and feeling stale to viewers.

People ask me all the time why they should pay for something they can get for free and I will explain in a bit what I always tell them.

First off, premium WordPress themes only require a onetime payment for you to be able to use them, and are generally reasonably priced as well – at least the ones I will be showing you. I know you will agree once you see what they offer to you over free themes. In other words, once you see the extra time the creator put into them – you will have no problem paying him a few dollars for them.

So why should you look at buying a premium theme for your WordPress blog? Any number of the following benefits we are about to talk about are a good reason why.


When you start using WordPress, you are most likely are not going to have a clue of how to code your blog, which can cause huge issues. Until like free themes, most premium themes have forums for you to post questions about the issues you run into, and get answers quickly. You can also search the forum to check and see if anyone had the same issue in the past and how they fixed it.

Some premium themes also have tutorials on how to use the theme, along with other helpful videos for you to check and learn from.

Elegant design

There are a few free WordPress themes out there that have an elegant look and design, if you are willing to look around. It may be easier to find a premium theme that meets your need better and has a better look and design, than the free theme. Most premium themes allow you to select a skin and the colors to be used in the theme, to make the theme feel more like your own.

Option Panels

Almost all premium WordPress themes have a theme option panel. This panel allows the user to make major changes to the theme, without the user having to play with the code. This makes premium themes great for people who don’t want to learn code, and those who like to use drag and drop website building.

Updates and Compatibility

Many updates for WordPress are unscheduled, which can break any number of plugins and themes. This can be very stressful for bloggers who are using free templates, as it is unclear when the theme is going to be updated. Premium themes are always trying to get their themes up to date as fast as possible. Many premium themes remove the need for many plugins, making less items of your blog likely to break.

Unencrypted Footer

This should be a consideration, no matter if you are using a free theme or a premium theme. Most of the free WordPress themes you will find will have an encrypted footer with both good and bad links in it. Encrypted theme footers often have paid links, which will affect any SEO work you are planning on doing, so these footers need to be avoided at all costs. Due to the fact, the code in a premium theme being clean, and the creators don’t hide anything in the code.

SEO friendly

There are a number of reasons why free WordPress themes are not SEO friendly, which can affect your blog’s traffic. With search engine traffic being the life force of any website, you should be worried about it if you are using a theme that will allow you to build up your SEO to drive traffic. Premium theme developers work hard to ensure their themes are SEO friendly, to hopefully boost your blog’s organic traffic. By spending a little money on a premium theme, you can get a boost to search engine traffic, as the themes are specially designed to improve this area of your blog.


Many hackers search out websites and blogs that are using free WordPress themes. They look for these sites, as the sites are easily accessible, and easy to retrieve information from. A really easy way of making your WordPress site secure is to stop using a free, or cheap WordPress theme.

The many reason you shouldn’t rely on the free or cheap themes available is that most are embedded code. These lines of codes pose a huge security threats to your sites. You may save money starting out, but it may cost you in the long run.

Stand out

The best thing about using a premium WordPress theme for you blog or website is it’s easily customizable. Many of the premium themes out there can make your blog look different and stand out from other sites in the same category as you. If the theme does not come with this option, you can play with the CSS. Remember, you have a support team to help you if you have any issues doing work with the theme.

Some other things to consider

Check out the creator’s customer support page or forum to see if they have good customer support. They should be active and provide helpful information. An FAQ page may be used for more common issues. You should always check these pages out, as you may need help with the theme later if any problems happen.

Check the themes loading time. How fast your pages load matters a lot to your visitors. Most premium themes will have demo versions for you to check the load times in real time.

Check if they offer a refund policy. Sometimes things don’t work the way you want them to, so being allowed to get your money back can be something for you to consider.

Check out the creator’s blog, and see if they are doing consistent updates. This can show the quality of their work and if they are still working with