Tips for Setting up Your Word Press Site

Setting up a new wordpress site is fun and exciting but it is only too easy to get carried away with adding too many bells and whistles. While you do want your website to attract visitors you don’t want to have a website that is cluttered with banners and advertisements.

Planning your website only takes a short amount of time and can really help improve how your site looks and functions. Below are a few easy tips which you should take into consideration when wordpress siteplanning out your site. Some of these tips concern wordpress plugins while others will help you with the look and setting up of your site.

Don’t use too many plugins as they can slow your site down. Only add those that you are actually going to use and remember some plugins do cause conflicts.  If you experience any kind of technical problems after installing a plugin deactivate it and see if the problem clears up.

  1. Use fewer categories and make sure each category contains lots of posts.
  2. Choose categories after doing keyword research for your topic.
  3. Don’t overload your site with affiliate banners, choose one or two related products to promote at one time. If you see no sales then you can always change your promotions.
  4. You want to draft and schedule posts ahead of time to ensure that new content is published regularly. This will attract the Google spiders to crawl your site on a regular basis and helps push your rankings in the search engines.
  5. Set up your comment guidelines in advance, don’t wait until you start getting tons of comments each day.
  6. Use a word press theme that is quick to load and doesn’t take up too many resources.
  7. Include some form of website statistic measuring such as Google Analytics.
  8. If you are promoting products or offering advice make sure you have all of the correct legal pages in place.
  9. Stay up to date with your wordpress updates otherwise you are leaving your backdoor wide open for hackers.
  10. Do not use Admin as your user name again it is too easy for hackers to guess. Use something related to your site and it doesn’t hurt to include a keyword if possible.
  11. It is important to build links within your site and one easy way to accomplish this is to reference posts and pages.
  12. Driving traffic to your site is important and this can be done by creating smaller feeder sites that link back to your main site. You can use additional wordpress sites for this or you can use properties like Squidoo and Tumblr pages.

Building links to your site is important and is often overlooked by people new to using wordpress. If you incorporate this method into your site you are more likely to see success faster.

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