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You may have heard or seen WordPress plugins but don’t really know what they are and how to use them. There are so many plugins and they all have different functions and uses. One thing to be aware of is to not use too many plugins, they can have a tendency to slow down your website or blog Top SEO Pluginsand this is not a good thing.

The following WordPress plugins are some of the basic ones you should consider using to get you started.

All in One SEO Pack: this is a good plugin to use that will help you rank for keywords in your posts and on your pages. It is easy to install and you simply fill in the fields each time you create a new post.

Samson Elite: this plugin – although not free – is the mother of all SEO plugins. Every single WordPress blog we set up comes with a copy of Samson installed. It completely automates basic backlink building and in return greatly helps with better search engine rankings. If you’re going to be investing any money in your blog, let it be on this MUST-HAVE plugin!

Contact Form 7: this is an easy way to create a contact form on your website.

Pretty Link: this plugin allows you to shrink, track and share any link online. If you want to know where your visitors are coming from with your marketing efforts then this plugin will help you keep track of this.

Google XML Sitemaps: this plugin makes it easy to create a sitemap for your blog and allows the search engine spiders to find you.

Share Buttons: there are various plugins that will allow visitors to your site to share your post, pages and photos. Some of the most popular ones include: Shareaholic, Sociable, Share This and Slick. You can do a search from your dashboard to view many of these plugins.

Easy Digital Downloads it’s the easy way to sell digital products from your site, whether you have one or one hundred products to sell. This plugin can be customized by using affordable extensions.

Related Posts: again there are different plugins that will post ‘you might also like these’ on your website followed by thumbnail images. Some of the more popular ones are YARRP(yet another related post) and Better Related Posts.

Sliders are extremely popular and these can be used to display images, photos and videos. There are several good sliders but you will need to make sure they work with your theme. Plus images and photos will need to be uploaded in the correct size so that they display properly.

Akismet: this is the easiest way to protect your site from spam comments.

WP Touch: this plugin allows you to easily transform your site into a mobile one.

It really is so easy to overload your site with WordPress plugins. Try using the ones we recommend here and only add others if they serve a purpose to your site. Slow load times is one of the main reasons why your visitor never gets to see your site, they simply give up and click away.

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