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If you are new to wordpress you may be surprised and overwhelmed at the choice of themes available for this platform. WordPress is definitely the easiest method to use for getting your website online. Sometimes the choices can be a little intimidating.

When you install wordpress it comes with a basic theme for you to use. This theme is currently called Twenty Twelve and is very easy to customize. You can easily change your background color and add WP Themesa new header so you are up and running fast.

WordPress updates and changes this theme each year to ensure that it is running correctly and contains the newest and latest developments from wordpress.

As you become more accustomed to using WordPress you may want to change your theme. This can be done by going to the Appearance section in your dashboard and searching for themes. These themes will be free themes in a variety of colors, different columns and more. There are thousands of themes that are available and some will be easier to use than others.

Another popular choice is to purchase a premium theme. These are ones that have been specifically developed and have certain features included. For example many include a slider which allows you to show off photos and images. Other themes are made to act like a newspaper or magazine.

Prices vary for these themes and can cost anywhere from $20 up to $100 or more. Again they may be easy or hard to use and this can become very frustrating. You may find a beautiful theme but if you can’t get it work the way you want to what’s the point of having it.

For anyone just starting out we highly suggest you stick with the basic theme for now. Then spend time learning how to get the most out of your theme. This will include learning how to get links to and from other sites, adding images to your posts and of course getting visitors to your site.
Remember setting up your wordpress theme is just the start of your online presence. There are many more steps that need to be put into place, especially if your goal is to make money with your site.

Plugins and backlinks will be two things you will want to become familiar with. Plugins can really help you customize your site and turn it into a power house. Backlinks help to get authority to your site so that Google will index your site and send their spiders to visit on a regular basis.

Read this post on a great plugin called Backlink Creator

There is a learning curve to using WordPress we can be overcome by taking things one step at a time. Put some time each day into learning how to get the best out of your site and results will come.

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